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Shiny Silver Curtain Pole 'Crystal' - 25mm

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For over a decade, we have been providing premium quality curtain poles and accessories, made with design and durability in mind. 

25mm curtain poles add a beautiful finishing touch and make a statement in any room. They are made to hold heavy materials, so you can rest assured they will not bend or distort in any way with daily use.

Create privacy in any room with our double curtain pole sets by hanging voiles on the back row and blackout/night curtains at the front. The double set comes with 25mm curtain pole for the front row and 19mm curtain pole for the back row to ensure that the set will remain strong and sturdy for years to come.

Colour: Shiny Silver / Chrome

Curtain Pole Diameter: 25mm

Finial length: 7cm

Finial width (at widest point): 6cm

Custom curtain pole length (excluding finials):
If you need a custom length, please purchase the next length up, and let us know what size you need by emailing, or leaving a note with your order. Our team will be able to cut the pole free of charge to your specifications.


    What's included?

    Single set:

    Length                            Brackets          Finials         Curtain Clips
    140cm (1 piece) 2 2 20
    160cm (1 piece) 2 2 20
    180cm (1 piece) 2 2 20
    200cm (2 pieces) 3 2 30
    220cm (2 pieces) 3 2 30
    240cm (2 pieces) 3 2 30
    260cm (2 pieces) 3 2 30
    280cm (2 pieces) 3 2 40
    300cm (2 pieces) 3 2 40
    320cm (2 pieces) 3 2 40



    Double set:

    Length                            Brackets          Finials          Curtain Clips
    140cm (2 pieces) 2 4 40
    160cm (2 pieces) 2 4 40
    180cm (2 pieces) 2 4 40
    200cm (4 pieces) 4 3 60
    220cm (4 pieces) 4 3 60
    240cm (4 pieces) 4 3 60
    260cm (4 pieces) 4 3 60
    280cm (4 pieces) 4 3 80
    300cm (4 pieces) 4 3 80
    320cm (4 pieces) 4 3 80


    Important information:

    • All double curtain pole sets come with minimal end cap finials in matching colour for the second row poles.
    • All double sets come with 25mm curtain poles for the front row and 19mm curtain poles for the back row for stability purposes
    • All figures are approximate.
    • Colours may wary depending on your monitor settings.

    Contact us

    If you have any questions or would like to speak to our team for advice and help, please contact us.

    See our measuring guide for general advice on how to measure for the correct size curtain pole. 

    Not the size you need? You can very easily cut the curtain pole to the required size, or we can do that for you. If you need longer lengths, we are happy to provide a pole connector. Please contact us for more information. 

    All curtain products are dispatched next working day.

    All curtain poles and sets are dispatched within 1 - 3 working days