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COVID-19 has redefined our home - and our cleaning habits

COVID-19 has redefined our home - and our cleaning habits

In a Covid-19 world, where many of us are spending so much more of our time at home, cleaning has never been more important. So how do we learn to live with this new normal in the most hygienic way? 

In a COVID-19 world, where many of us are still experiencing lockdowns, our home life has been redefined. It's no longer just a home - it's our place of work, a gym, a school, an after school club and much more - and this 'new normal' is here to stay.

With many of us spending more time at home, taking on many activities that would otherwise be outside of our home environment, cleaning has never been more important. So how do we learn to live with this 'new normal' in the most hygienic way? 

Sales of cleaning products grow in 2020

The sales of cleaning products have soared since March 2020. We wipe our tables, sofas, mop the floors and clean the carpets more often. However, our curtains are absorbing all of the activities in the home, and they also need special attention to ensure our homes stay clean, free of dust, cooking smells and potential harmful bacteria. 

It can be a very difficult and time consuming job to take the curtains down for a wash, only to spend even more time trying to hang them up again to the same beautiful effect. 

It is very important to choose products that will make caring for your curtains a much easier and safer job, and there are plenty of products to choose from, depending how you would like to style your window dressings.

Curtain accessories that will change your life (In a good way!) 

Our favourite curtain accessories are curtain ring clips and hooks. These little gadgets will make cleaning your homes a breeze, and you will fall in love with the feeling of freshly washed curtains that are free of dust, cooking smells and potential bacteria.

The rings only need to be placed on the curtain pole once - there will be no need to take the pole down again, which can be quite difficult, especially if you have high ceilings. 

Attach the curtain using the integrated clip (leaving approx. 10cm in between each clip). You will be done in just a few moments.

No sew curtains

Using curtain clips, you can hang any chosen material with excellent results. Simply fold 5-15cm of the material at the top and attach clips at, or just below the fold line and you can create a pleat and a pencil pleat look effortlessly.

The best of all

The best benefit of using curtain clips is the fact that taking curtains down for a rinse will be a much easier job, that will ensure that your home stays clean despite the extra activities it has to accommodate at these uncertain times. 

See our favourite curtain ring clips and 'Cobra' curtain hooks and contact us for more information.